Terms of Service

Janitorial Service Network Inc. was founded in 1995. The company has grown to reach every county in Northern California due to an on-going commitment to the utmost in customer service and satisfaction. Janitorial Service Network Inc. has a commitment to complete customer satisfaction and the building of long-term relationships based on exceptional service and communication.

Denis Guardado has owned and operated his own janitorial business for over 15 years - morphing it successfully from a maintenance oriented business to a business based on customer service.

Denis has worked with businesses based in the Central Valley and Southern California, but prefers Northern California. From his Vallejo based business Denis can branch out into the surrounding areas, bringing his expertise and aesthetic appreciation of the Janitorial Service industry to many happy customers.

Janitorial Service Network Inc. offers great services at great prices! Call us for an estimate on janitorial services for your business.